Painless non-invasive cancer detection

Peekcell is the innovation that enables women’s cancer screening in the simplest possible way.
It is based on a smart technology that combines the detection of relevant biomarkers found in urine and their analysis with an artificial intelligence algorithm to provide accurate results.

Our mission is to facilitate cancer detection at an early stage

Detected at an early stage, the survival rate for gynaecological cancer is over 90%; however, at an advanced stage, it drops to 20%.

Cancer cases are on the rise

The number of cancer cases is increasing in France and in all occidental countries. Santé Publique France estimates that one in six women will develop cancer during her lifetime (all cancers combined).

Cancers are not largely detected enough

There are three national screening campaign in France : breast, cervical and colorectal cancers. The participation rates in 2023 are 59% for cervical cancer and 48% for breast cancer.

Difficulties to access cancer screening

The average time to schedule an appointement for a gynecologist is 2 months and comes with an average travel time of 45 minutes in a rural zone in France.

Women's cancers in France

Based on statistics by Sante Publique France.

Cancer cases each year
Deaths each year
€25 Bn
Spent annually by Healthcare Insurance

Our solution


Based on a urine sample, the test is totally painless and sample collection does not require the intervention of a healthcare professional.


Screening is available to women of all ages through their local healthcare professional. Sample shipment is possible


Our innovative technology and ready-to-use solutions enable quicker processing time from examination to results.

How it works

Step 1: Urine Sample

Collect a urine sample at home or in the laboratory restroom.

Step 2: Biomarker analyses

Analysis of an early and specific biomarker signature.

Step 3: Artificial intelligence

A score risk is calculated through an artificial intelligent algorithm to help the practitioner decision based on the patient profile and complementary informations.


Patient is advised to complete complementary exams in case of suspicion, or to continue following national screening recommendations.

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About us

Created in 2023, Peekcell is a French innovative MedTech based at Paris-Saclay.
We are supported by Ecole polytechnique and accelerated by Wilco Healthcare.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Ecole polytechnique
101 Femmes de Matignon
BPI France
French Tech Paris Saclay

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